N.V. Anda S.A.
Laarstraat 43
3190 Boortmeerbeek

Tel. 00-32-16 60 61 44
Fax  00-32-16 60 58 15

Anda Sauces...

Thanks to the natural components, the fresh ingredients and the vegetables Anda guarantees you a constant, honest quality.

We obtain the natural home-made taste of our sauces by selecting only the very best raw materials, which must fulfil the following criteria:

  • No flavour enhancers*, artificial colouring and aromas added
  • Healthy and natural ingredients
  • GMO-free vegetable oil
  • Egg yolk from vegetable-fed chickens
  • We purchase our raw materials from suppliers who offer reliable quality, not the lowest prices.

Mixing, cooking, homogenizing, filling and packaging takes place in our own production site in Boortmeerbeek, with respect for tradition.

Every step in this production process is checked, traced and analyzed according to the HACCP quality system.

This guarantees the high quality of the Anda products.

Based on these numerous criteria we have the privilege of offering you a product which is much in demand by our customers.

However, we will not yield to the many demands for mass production and mass distribution, because we want to remain your private partner in the catering industry!

Anda, which was founded in the early 80’s, gradually became an important and indispensable partner in the catering industry.!

We offer you a broad range which will fulfil all your clients’ needs. Success guaranteed!!!

*except for our barbecue sauce and américain préparé sauce.